aku suka cerita macam-macam. pasal itu la..ini la... campur-campur. penggunaan bahasa dalam blog ini adalah sgt tidak baik utk akademik especially yang mane nak pekse tu kan... but i dont care. sume benda n cerita serta ayat dlm ni adalah mengikut kesukaan aku sebab ini blog aku..bukan blog ko. so x payah la pandai2 nak kondem2 or komen2 ye. kalo ko suke menaip, sila buat blog sendiri and taiplah sampai lebam. i dont welcome any comment yg bersifat kepochi. tamat

Monday, June 30, 2008


we dont know how ecli we will fall in love..
butterfly in the pumping heart..
tu biase..i love him more than everything..
i know i do..yet it is hard for me to admit it..
it is all about time..
loving sumone shud'nt have any reasons.
just let it happen..

Friday, June 13, 2008

back to reality

arghh..dats me for the moment..

it have been long long long long and long time i didnt update my blogs.luckily i cud still rmmber e accounts num and password!! hehe..back to is my main title here..well..i hv left my dreaming days for about 7 more happenning studnt life..hang up wit frenz,having fun together and doing is time for me to strt working on each and every task dat hv been given..fuh~~wat a hard time dude!!

~new pple in ma reality~

getting to know the reality outside my comfort zone. dealing with diff new pple with diff mood,perspective and believe. it is not dat just missing my old time with ma frenz..but still there are good side of this changes..hmm..looks like things are getting serious here..shud'nt be this way!

i have to enjoy everything aite!!