aku suka cerita macam-macam. pasal itu la..ini la... campur-campur. penggunaan bahasa dalam blog ini adalah sgt tidak baik utk akademik especially yang mane nak pekse tu kan... but i dont care. sume benda n cerita serta ayat dlm ni adalah mengikut kesukaan aku sebab ini blog aku..bukan blog ko. so x payah la pandai2 nak kondem2 or komen2 ye. kalo ko suke menaip, sila buat blog sendiri and taiplah sampai lebam. i dont welcome any comment yg bersifat kepochi. tamat

Thursday, August 14, 2008

my 1st black mail

Fucking email!

get into the working life for less than a month...i have received one black mail from my so called..ermm...i dunno wat shud i called her! she is the most 'kecoh' type of person here..perasan bagus..always feel like she is correct n nobody can argue with her except for higher level pple like manager..hmm..but still..she still always complaining about our SENIOR MANAGER LOGISTIC who are just reporting a week after me..obviously..she love underestimate pple especially new one like us..damn it! she was so irritating person here..nobody like to be with her..she will try to show that she is better n know almost everything..idiot!hate her..but still need to work with her..if i've got a chance to sack pple from this dept..she is my pick!!wat an idiot person can do here anyway??

receiving the n my frenz decided to be silent on it..since she is senior n at that particular time she still teaching us on sumthing..however..we do disclosed this to our frens from diff dept..n coal manager knew about it..she was sooo angry with the email..n she bring the issue up to our GMO..later after the discussion with Md n the manager..everybody seem to make good with us..n was suck! hate that feeling..they shud be send to morale class on how to respect pple..especially this bitch!it shows so clearly that she is a idiot bitch cud u expect less-than-a-month new employee doing no mistake fucker??!

at this particular time..while writing this post..i cud hear her laughing like doing nothing while chatting!!shit! she passed her work to me with a reason that she got alot more things to do..n sumhow i discover she only have one damn shipment for this month!!damn it!one shipment!!it is nothing!!!others got 5 to 7 shipment but still cud manage their work..but this bloody 'perasan-bagus' women ruined everything!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my family

i love my family..there are 7 of us..parents n 5 siblings..just wanna share with u my family members..all of them are awesome..!! we are..musa & co.

Musa & Co @ Hari Raya

Ayah : Yes..this is en musa b sanam. my daddycool..haha..u dont believe it? u better believe it dude..hmm..wat a greatest man on earth.he is the to joke around..(good mood pn good mood) such a supportive daddy..poyo..? yes he is..but i dont care..i love him..he got silver hair naturally..isn't that great??haha..always have 'gigantic-unreachable-dream' in his mind..haha..

N this is pn pouziah bt abdul mommy..she is a very good cook..kinda serious person..but when it comes to joker mode..thats it man..u have to deal with it. we used to laugh at her everytime she said sumthing wrong..well..almost everytime actually. she will just spill everything come across her mind.thats make us hesitation..i love her.

My sister..others younger sister called her angah but when it come to me..she is kudin..hmm..there a story behind it..she is kinda beauty n fashion concious person..haha..she got her own taste on everything..some of it was acceptable that y i normally ask for her opinion b4 sumthing..but still..sumtime..her taste is just like my mom taste! huhu..

Here come hajar..the most 'cenggeng' girl in the family. easy to cry..n she cry for almost everything!haha..always had her own programe with her to tell us story of her..however..her laugh is more than her story actually..kinda 'all-by-me' type..very difficult to share about her secret..she prefer to tell it to her close friend..btw..she got the biggest nose among us! haha

The only brother that i thin n tall..mcm most romeo person among us la..jiwang! i rarely count on him since he as well enjoyed being with his friend..we hardly see him at home..his fav place is cyber cafe..n very into singing as well..he is very difficult to understand..(maybe most of us are girl) he always do wateva he want eventhough all of us hate it..hmm..make it simple he is 'tak-makan-saman' kind of person

Just look at her n everybody will knows she is the youngest..she love gossipping n talking n asking n singging n everything mak cik2 love to do..very small girl..shortest girl in school i believe.nobody will believe that she is form one student when looking at her size..very pampered..and always dreaming to be a model...OMG! is it impossible??

FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You


hmm..i dont realized that im getting older until some of my frenz get married..then only i discover my age..haha..recently weds was huda and azmi..they r couple since form 3..9 years ago..wat a long journey ..but im happy for last they r married..may God bless them.

Before huda n fatimah wedding..ermmm..i is where huda n azmi started felt that they have to settle down..what a beautiful wedding day fatimah had..and the best thing was im wearing the family theme colour as that a sight that im getting merried very soon? was 8 months back n im x married yet..

And this is the most shocking weddings ever..!! our very first friend who gets married..farijah.everybody was is just like you are playing at the playground and a UFO fall in the middle of the playground.haha..nobody was expecting that she will get married at her very young age since she was very quite person..nway..last January she delivered one cute little boy..hmm..ejah..u r a mummy now..hihi

these are 3 wedding that i've attended..i believe many more is coming soon..i 've checked my diary..for this month..there are 4 wedding..back to back..owh..this must be great isn't it?hm..everybody have started their new life. congrats and may all of you live happily ever after..

picnic of the year

Last may..we had a picnic at ulu yam. our first planning is to sg sendat..however..due to reason..we couldnt make it. but still..we enjoyed being together at ulu yam while having a simple and beautiful BBQ there.

The day have started at 7 in the morning..i'm kinda late 'late wake up' person..but for this picnic..i woke up at 6.30..that was amaaaazingg man! even my parents cudnt believe it tho..haha..i need to prepare sandwiches for course i did it morning ijust woke up and ready to go..jojo picked me up at home..and we gathered at BP near the highway. 3 cars already there waiting for us (and my sandwich) haha..but we still have to wait for another 1 car.the session on snap snaping pic pn start...

first snap of the day

wen evrybody was there..the journey begun..lalala..ulu we come...there were 5 cars joined the trip..about 20 of us..beautiful scenery have capture my eyes along the is our nature which hardly found especially in KL..

We are heading to Sg Sendat as planned..after about 1 hour journey..we reach there..however..we cudnt get in the area becoz of....err..shud i call it 'pembalakan haram'? haha..everybdy get frustrated at the first place. but thanks god..there got a lot more picnic area available there..not to forget..we still have many snap at the 'frustrated area' heal our frustration maybe.. =]

at last we decided to go to sg is just about 15 min driving from sg sendat..n..we are happy and getting more excited!!im so hungry and at that particular time..i was dreming of flying BBQ chicken and fried mee hoon...nyum..nyumm..we help each other to take the stuff at the picnic just bringing mee hoon n my is good to have many guys with us isn it? the camp site..we felt so last..we are there..n dude..its party time..!!

We packed back at about 5 pm..everybody was exausted..including me..yet..we all have great picnic together even it is not as planned earlier..personally i enjoyed this picnic very much eventhough there was water snakes trying to hear me gossipping with it was seriously scared mean damn much!haha..hope to have another picnic next time..peace!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our New Sweetheart

I ve got a called..ermm..'anak sedara buah' on last May..
He is getting cuter and cuter..
so..presenting..for the first time our new family member..

i left many pic of faris at home..i will post more if i had them with me later..this pic was taken after his 'cukur jambul' knduri held. thats y la botaks..i love it more when he have his hair. it better. but still u r gorgeous honey faris. i wish to be just like faris now..nothing to worry..nothing to be afraid of..everything was there for him. hurmm...looking at his pic makes me miss him even more..

faris..dont call me ur MUSSIE..get it?? hehe
cayunk paris ting ting ting!

Monday, August 11, 2008

BBQ nite

today is monday..still having my monday blues down here..huhu.however..thanks to whoever first started inventing this blogspot.cheers!at least it can somehow help me to get my mood back..

well.last nite i've arrange BBQ nite for me and is not easy ecli!! i took about hour to start the fire..n man...i really not good in doing this!!not at all..haha..its 9.00 pm when i started to lit up the fire...n i was sumhow thinking about to cancel the BBQ and just fry the blackpaper chic tu!hahaha..luckily my cousin came and help me doing that thing. and we finished at almost 11 pm. just can beleive the last minute BBQ plan works for me and family..we are having great time together at the garage.haha..

unplanned BBQ nite..however we've got the chicken grilled!! yummy~~