aku suka cerita macam-macam. pasal itu la..ini la... campur-campur. penggunaan bahasa dalam blog ini adalah sgt tidak baik utk akademik especially yang mane nak pekse tu kan... but i dont care. sume benda n cerita serta ayat dlm ni adalah mengikut kesukaan aku sebab ini blog aku..bukan blog ko. so x payah la pandai2 nak kondem2 or komen2 ye. kalo ko suke menaip, sila buat blog sendiri and taiplah sampai lebam. i dont welcome any comment yg bersifat kepochi. tamat

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Saturday, April 25, 2015


my head is sum where else.
sum where outside the universe.
here and there but in class.

lecturer kat depan cite ape tah.
sem ni rasa macam x belajar.
kelas pun ni baru kali ke 3.
tadi lec subject lain tanya gua apsal jarang nampak.

nak je jawab;
"i don't feel like study doc"

4 subject to go.
lepas tu bebas bagaikan burung dah tak payah belajar.
can't wait!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

My last twenty!


So I really have listed ‎20 things I do in my last day in twenties yesterday.

1. Pushing myself to work. ‎Had only 2 hours of sleep the night before.

2. Since I still need to finish off my medicine, so I grabbed Nasi Lemak Tajima for breakfast with Pn Aishah.

3. Gone through all my vacations album in the hardisk. In particular is Krabi trip, (im gonna go there again next month with family. Yeay!) and some diving trip picca.

4. Trying to complete my economic assignment. Copying certain graph and all. The deadline is midnight! Pfftt!

5. Pegi toilet and berry dgn riang. Hey! Its my last shit in twenties so its damn important to be recorded. Hahhaa!

6. Right after the toilet session, ada salesman kat opis jual kain ela. And I bought that! Kain ela slama ni mak yg belikan. I never bought one pn. Ni tanda2 dah nk tua ke ape ni?

7. Oh! I was audited also yesterday. On the procedure that is not even mine. How la??

8. Still struggling to complete the assignment.

9. Picked up Nona, Hajar and Cipan from home and get them to the office! My office.

10. Playing colorful blocks with Nona in the‎ office. 

11. Print out my notes and exam slip--and go around the office to find the right printer that I choose! Pfft!

12. Approving my staffs' claim, leave application in the system.‎ Total of 4 worth RM8k.

13. Berkomplot dgn my opismate to help me out on Monday to allow me to go for exam. (oh I feel bad on this but I still have to do it lorr..)

14. I cannot proceed further with the assignment since Nona is around so I took her for a simple office tour instead! Hahha. And deadline is still the same midnight.

15. ‎Pushing Amir, our office market analyst, to send me the price trending. So he send it to me but the file isn't working. And I pushed him aagain. And the file still cannot be opened. and I pushed him again..again.. till I got the graph. Hehee. Tq Amir!

16. Drive back home and sent Nona to her mom. She fall asleep along the way. Penat kot bekerja. 

17. Picked Akim for 'lunch' at 630pm. Yerp. All of us me, hajar n cipan and akim have not take lunch yet for the day.

18. Do some budget calculation over the lunch with them. Haah..for Krabi trip. Discussed on some payment method and all.

19. Do some groceries shopping right after the food session. Utk makan2 mlm ni since mak aayah xde. So all 4 of us mencarik telur, roti, megi etc etc. But I end up beli lampu tido. How la???

20. Forced myself again to‎ complete the assignment while cipan enjoying Maharaja Lawak Mega. Aku dah target nak tgk the recorded one bile dah abis esaimen ni. Little that I know, she didnt record it! Pffft!

Thats all about ‎it.
Last few minutes before my twenties end, I submit my assignment!

Am officially in new series today.

Later peeps~

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Friday, December 26, 2014


‎I have been away from office for the past 3 weeks.
So this morning, I really need to shove myself off the bed to work.
And my sister were saying 'sambung je la cuti alang2. Satu hari je kot..'
How I wish I could.

But hey..even if I could pn, I will still probably be in the office sbb I really need to print sumthing important (read:my notes)‎ for revision before my final exam next Monday! Oh and also my exam slip. 

No I dont have printer at home.

Office feels so empty today. Ramai amik year end holiday. Only 4 of us at the operation side. Siap td aku tutup sume lampu kt tmpt yg xde org. That make it even more sunyi n empty. Im gonna switch it on again pasni.

Well, i'm still recovering at the moment. Sometimes the pain is still there at the back of my head. Feels like something pulling from inside. I still couldnt sleep on my right side because it will make it even painful. Not sure how soon it can be back to normal again. But now it is much much better ‎than before.

Ha lupa nak cite plak. That 3 weeks away from the office tu is because 1 week kat Indonesia for work. And another 2 weeks on MC. I was having shingles with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. The kind of shingles yg very rare. It attack the facial nerve and ear area. So bloody painful I tell u!

But being me, most people didn't believe when I said it is painful sbb muke I mcm org xsakit. Masalah betul dgn muke yg xboleh berubah mengikut keadaan nih.

Oh did I tell u yg doc said its lucky that I go and meet her early?  ‎Worst case is half of my face could be paralyzed. Scary kan? Thats how serious it could be.

Btw, today is my last day in twenty. I guess im gonna list all things that I do today.

Sound fun aite?

Later peeps!

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

something in between

hows life people?
i have terrible one.

but anyway..
to keep things aside.
lets talk of something fun!

ape yg fun eh?
*nampak x, nak cite bend fun pun terpk2..nmpak sgt xde yg fun dh*

ha ade!
lately I'm back to my old addiction.
ape lg kalau bukan Grey's Anatomy!
dulu i stopped at season 6.
so hritu beli sume CD from season 7 till 10.
now waiting for season 11 to complete and I'm gonna get that too.

syiok la weh.
leh sengih2 kalo igt derek and meredith as well as cristina and owen!
some of the episode kdg2 really teach me sumthing new.
hm..i know its too late for me to become a surgeon.
so…berangan je la.

what else fun?



well, i bought new bag, new wallet new shirts..
eh…x fun plak rasanya benda tu.

ok la…smpai sini je.
its my turn to present lps ni.

later peeps~