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Sunday, December 7, 2014


i am miserable lately.
too many things going on.

bab keje InsyaAllah boleh cope lg.
my kids are all performing their job very well.
just need to follow up here and there but most of the time they know what are they suppose to do.
after about one year of struggling to put things in place for the kids and unit, now its all paid off.
boleh rilex sket.
hopefully things will be better and xde dah changes yang tibe2 nih.

my annual leave dah abis.
like in early october dah abis.
just imagine!

so sekarang mmg xde rest.
i have to come to the office mon - friday.
class on weekend - sat & sun.
and final exam approaching.

mcm bias, day hujung2 sem ni,  presentation, quizzes, test and assignment now dah nak due.
taking 4 papers this semester and its killing me!


for individual assignment ok la.
i can take my sweet time to settle it depending on my job schedule and tahap kemalasan.
but group assignment making me nuts!

one of the members is on study leave. so she don't work.
just study. and thats it.
thats why she have soooo many time to nag us all.
drives us so bloody crazy.
she being been too pushy for all the info.

work is fine.
study life is kinda yadda yadda.. but it will end pretty soon.
but speaking of social life.
that is the most bad score that i have at the moment.

i don't meet my friend anymore.
and my friend circle is getting smaller and smaller.
i can i balance it out when i'm literally killed by all pending task and assignment.


i hope my friends don't forget me.
or maybe they already do now.

this morning pulao,  i realised yang even to update FB and Insta pun i have to put it on hold.
so bile skali upload pic kat insta tu, skali banyak la..
padahal cerita tu dah 2 3 hari basi.

how long can i stand this ha?
i need a vaccy!

new year, please come faster.

p/s: im updating this while waiting for Bella being cleaned up. and now she is done. later peeps~

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